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Modern Zumwalt Destroyers
Modern Zumwalt Destroyers
Drydock Construction

Taking a contract from the Defense Dept., Jennings and Rall are on the edge of military technology and integration with sleek, stealthy and fast vessels designed to wage the security of the 21st century. Zumwalt destroyers are fast deployable, multi-purpose attack and defense ships with a staggering number of defense systems from tiny SAMs designed to remove air-based threats, tactical nuclear missiles (20 per vessel) with a 3000 nautical mile range, stealth shaped hull, making the vessel's radar image no larger than a 60 foot sailboat, forcing any enemy seeking action to make visual contact. Seawater EMP renders submarines in a 1000 foot radius inoperable and within 3000 feet destroys submarine's detection devices. 12 are scheduled for delivery by 2010.